We are women and men from every walk of life. We are members of every religion, every race, every sexual orientation and every segment of society. We are the party of inclusion. 

We believe all of our citizens should be given the support needed to realize his or her potential. We believe public education is the cornerstone of our democracy. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable high quality health care. We believe in fiscal responsibility and taxation that does not allow for a disproportionate distribution of wealth and power. We believe in a civil justice system that recognizes the equal rights of all citizens and does not favor the wealthy or powerful. We believe that we have an obligation to protect the earth. We believe that the United States should be a considerate world neighbor. 

We the Marinette County Democratic Party will work to incorporate these beliefs into our democratic way of life by being proactive in educating the public on issues that pertain to these beliefs; by recruiting appropriate candidates who subscribe to these beliefs; by studying and promoting legislation that supports these beliefs and by being diligent in making our voices heard when others would undermine these beliefs.


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